Decorative Finishes

Stucco Veneziano


Stucco veneziano is a highly decorative plaster used for centuries in Italy. It can be applied in various techniques to achieve a desired effect. Unlike paint, which is warm to the touch, this plaster is cold like real marble.

It can be glossy or matt, translucent or opaque depending on the trowel technique and smoothing process. It allows the designer to play with a whole spectrum of luminescent colours to create an elegant, luxurious look in both classical and contemporary settings. It can be used to create a variety of effects - from a lightly polished surface to a richer, more dramatic marbled or burnished appearance.

The colour possibilities are endless


This finish can be hard to photograph, as photos do not always depict its true depth and appeal.

Scagliola Decorative Finishes


Scagliola (from the Italian scaglia meaning "chips") is a technique for producing plasterwork columns, sculptures, and architectural elements that resemble marble. Batches of pigmented plaster (ground alabaster or gypsum) modified with animal glue are applied to moulds, armatures and wall planes in a manner that accurately mimic's natural stone and marble.


Andrea has spent years researching and experimenting with scagliola and has produced many beautiful pieces. His pieces have a character rich with texture and layers of colour crafted by deliberate manipulation of natural materials to reveal surfaces that can either be highly polished or have a sensual imperfect beauty in both texture and form. His stone pieces can be characterized by variations in colouring and grain, which are present in nature.


It can be moulded for sculptural objects, employed for columns or inlays for table surfaces with precision.

This technique is present in Australia in some Heritage buildings such as the Commonwealth bank in Martin place Sydney. The Heritage offices have requested Andrea Borelli’s experience in this field, so as to find solutions to restore and conserve this precious art.


Metallic Finishes

Customized metallic coatings mimic solid metal and can be applied to different substrates for dramatic effect. Andrea's many years creating these metallic surfaces have resulted in a varied body of work, full of texture, variety and character.


The versatility of this product is a great source of inspiration not only to Andrea, but to architects, designers and sculptors. Each surface is unique and is applied by hand to achieve the most desirable texture and authentic appearance. Its application varies from shop fittings and architectural surfaces to sculpture, signage and furniture.


Metals used include bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, and pewter to name a few. These can be applied to create a contemporary or aged look to infinite substrates such as wood, plaster, fiberglass, concrete and ceramics.

Lisciatura a Calce

It is a particular technique using difference coats of lime mixed with various aggregates to achieve a smooth surface suitable for exterior finishes .

Concrete Cement Finishes


Our studio's concrete finishes gives that industrial look.


This finish is suitable of interior or exterior